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  • The Strad

  • “The fusion of Classicism and Romanticism might easily have proven problematic for a lesser ensemble, but here was afforded just the right mix of delicate articulation, stormy passion and tender stillness resulting in a hard performance to beat.”

  • Musical Toronto

  • “The Rolston String Quartet performed with a maturity and cohesion rivaling the best string quartets in the world.”

  • The Philadelphia Inquirer

  • “When the Rolston String Quartet performed the last two movements of Beethoven’s String Quartet, Opus 59, No. 2, it made you wonder what they would have revealed about themselves in the first two – but only because they were so good [...]. The group has both spirit and polish, plus a sophistication at odds with their baby faces. The third movement hinges on an ability to make the rhythm click into a groove while maintaining a certain looseness, and the Rolston mastered this balance beautifully.”

  • The Strad

  • “Considering the number of competition panels accused in recent years of politically motivated judgements, this decision might easily be mistaken for Banff choosing one of its own, but to my mind, the result was totally fair and sound - evidence of fine performances by the Rolston throughout all rounds, and by extension of a competition run with intelligence and integrity. Given the success of its predecessors during the past three years, it is surely inevitable that this dedicated and hard-working ensemble will be a household name by the time the next Banff Competition rolls along in 2019.”

  • The Calgary Herald - Banff International String Quartet Competition

  • “The Rolstons provided a stirring and universally admired performance of Bartók’s difficult Quartet No. 3 Saturday night. Theirs was a faithful reading of a very difficult score, adhered to note for note while richly tailored with sensitivity and detailed emotive colour. There can be little doubt what carried Rolston players to their berths in the BISQC finals — superb playing on the last day of competition and excellent repertoire choices all week made the difference.” (

  • The Calgary Herald

  • “The quartet played affectionately, shifted colours with the mood of every phrase and showed a caramel blend in tone that only makes you want to hear more!”