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Banff International String Quartet Competition 2019 winners announced!

In an unprecedented decision, the jury of the 13th Banff International String Quartet Competition awarded 2 quartets with the first prize this year: awardees are the Marmen Quartet from London together with the Viano String Quartet from Canada/USA.

The concerts of the winner's Europe tour will be split between the two and before long the schedule listing which quartet will play which concerts will be determined.

Created in 1983, the Banff International String Quartet Competition (BISQC) has since become recognized as one of the world’s leading international music competitions. Within a period of six days ten ensembles present themselves in front of a highly specialized jury and an enthusiastic audience. Being awarded a first prize in Banff is often the starting point for a flourishing carreer of a young string quartet.

Opus Klassik 2019 for the Signum Quartett

The Signum Quartett has won an Opus Klassik 2019 in the cathegory Best Chamber Music Recording String Quartet for its Schubert-CD Aus der Ferne (From Afar) on the lable Pentatone.

The quartet presents on this CD a combination of string quartets with lieder arranged for string quartet by violist Xandi van Dijk and hence shows how Schubert's instrumental and vocal music cross-pollinate each other.

  • Next events

    Cédric Pescia
    29.02.20 Magdeburg
    15.03.20 Rottenburg with Nurit Stark
    10.06.20 Vienna
    13.06.20 Lille with Philippe Cassard
    17.06.20 London with Philippe Cassard
    11.08.20 Festival du Comminges / Valcabrère with Philippe Cassard
    12.08.20 Festival du Périgord with Philippe Cassard
    Signum Quartett
    06.03.20 Vienna with Salome Kammer
    18.03.20 Amsterdam with Nils Mönkemeyer
    19.03.20 Maastricht with Bram van Sambeek
    20.03.20 Ede
    22.03.20 Enschede with Bram van Sambeek
    23.03.20 Roermond with Bram van Sambeek
    24.03.20 Den Haag with Bram van Sambeek
    05.06.20 Hamburg-Harburg
    10.06.20 Cologne
    27.06.20 Wurzburg
    28.06. – 05.07.20 Bantry
    09.07.20 Rottweil
    01.-05.08.20 Korsholm Festival Monica
    Brentano String Quartet
    13.03.20 Munich
    14.03.20 Bad Tölz
    16.03.20 Bern
    17.03.20 Prague
    19.03.20 Innsbruck
    21.03.20 London
    22.03.20 Norvich
    23.03.20 London
    07.05.20 Pullach
    09.05.20 Eindhoven
    11.05.20 Utrecht
    12.05.20 Gent
    14.05.20 Lucerne
    15.05.20 Dresden
    The Nash Ensemble of London
    12.03.20 Fulda
    14.03.20 Lindau
    15.03.20 Boswil
    17.03.20 Liestal
    18.03.20 La Chaux de Fonds
    Busch Trio
    15.03.20 Stadthagen
    21.03.20 Heidelberg
    06.04.20 Bonn
    23.05.20 Waldshut-Tingen
    24.05.20 Stuttgart
    28.05.20 Frankfurt
    Polish Chamber Philharmonic Orchestra
    15.03.20 Dortmund
    13.05.20 Stuttgart
    14.06.20 Gubin
    05.07.20 Weilburg
    Azahar Ensemble
    18.03.20 Frankfurt with Tim Vogler
    19.03.20 Bad Vilbel
    04.04.20 Hamburg
    Reinhold Friedrich
    27.03.-05.04.20 Korea with Florian Riem
    08.05.20 Jena
    31.05.20 Hamburg
    01.06.20 Hamburg
    10.06.20 Halle
    20.06.20 Steinfurt
    21.06.20 Kaufungen
    11.07.20 Grafenegg
    Daniel Ottensamer
    13.04.20 Munich with Munich Symphonics
    17.05.20 Essen with Mendelssohn Chamber Orchestra Leipzig
    21.05.20 Dresden
    29. Aug. 20 Steinfurt with Mendelssohn Chamber Orchestra Leipzig
    Mendelssohn Chamber Orchestra Leipzig
    16.04.20 Hamburg-Harburg with Ragna Schirmer
    17.05.20 Essen with Daniel Ottensamer
    29. Aug. 20 Steinfurt with Daniel Ottensamer
    Marmen Quartet
    30.04.20 Göttingen
    14.06.20 Zurich 17h
    17.06.20 Nakenstorf
    19.06.20 Maulbronn 11h
    21.06.20 Wurzburg
    La Venexiana
    21.05.20 Landshut
    03.07.20 St Gallen
    Rolston String Quartet
    28.06.20 Kassel
    29.06.20 Berlin
    03.-05.07.20 Ernen (CH)
    Salaputia Brass
    13.06.20 Stuttgart
    20.06.20 Magdeburg
    09.08.20 Bad Liebenstein
    Jena Philharmonics
    18.07.20 Toblach
    Hélène Schmitt & Ensemble Luceram
    29./30.07.20 Valoire
  • New CDs

    Polish Chamber Philharmonic Orchestra, Wojciech Rajski, Daniel Gaede

    L.v. Beethoven: Violin concert op. 61, double CD with string trio op. 3 (Daniel, Thomas and Sebastian Gaede) (Tacet)

    Ori Epstein & Omri Epstein

    "Beethoven - Complete Works for Piano & Cello": 2 CDs (LINN | outhere)

    Rolston Sting Quartet

    "Souvenirs: Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky": the string quartets op. 11 und op. 39 (arr.) as well as the string sextet op. 70 with Miguel da Silva and Gary Hoffman (outhere)

    Regula Mühlemann, Tatiana Korsunskaya, Daniel Ottensamer & Konstantin Timokhine

    "Songs from home - Lieder der Heimat": songs by Schubert, Baumgartner, Flury, Liszt and others (sony classical)

    Dover Quartet

    "The Schumann Quartets": the three sting quartets op. 41 by Robert Schumann (Azica)

    Concerto Italiano | Rinaldo Alessandrini

    "Bach - Ouvertures for Orchestra": Complete recording of theouvertures for orchestra by Johann Sebastian, Johann Bernhard and Johann Ludwig Bach (naïve)

    Busch Trio

    Fourth and final CD of Dvorak's complete chamber music for piano and strings, featuring the piano trios op. 21 and op. 26 (alpha | outhere)

    Nuria Rial, Dima Orsho & Musica Alta Ripa

    "Mother": Baroque Arias and Arabic Songs (Sony Music - DHM)

    Bob van Asperen

    "A Playlist for Rembrandt": Music from the Netherlands from Rembrandt's time (Aeolus)

    Daniel Ottensamer

    "La vie en rose": J. Francaix, C. Debussy, D. Milhaud, C. Saint-Saens, with Stephan Koncz (conduct and violoncello) and the Munich Symphony Orchestra (Sony classical)

    Concerto Italiano | Rinaldo Alessandrini

    "Un Viaggio a Roma": G.F. Händel, A. Scarlatti, A. Corelli et al. - Music from the early 18th century (naïve)

    Cédric Pescia

    "The Well-Tempered Clavier (complete)": J.S. Bach (la dolce volta)

    Azahar Ensemble

    "Turina x Turina": Works by Joaquin Turina and Jose Luis Turina (Profil Edition Günter Hänssler)

    Mendelssohn Chamber Orchestra Leipizig

    "Cosmopolitan Mendelssohn": Works by Mendelssohn, Berlioz, Volkmann, Donizetti, Gade (Klanglogo)