Due to the copyright restrictions in Germany and Switzerland these are only a few reviews which we are explicitly allowed to use. Unfortunately, for this reason a large number of press reviews may not be used at the moment.

  • Musicweb International - CD Mendelssohn

  • “…the results on this wholly enchanting disc show that in the hands of a skilled arranger new facets of the original can be revealed without being in any way false to the fundamental character of the music. […] Ulf-Guido Schäfer has a superb ear for the underlying and changing textures of the music, using the extra instrument to good effect and never simply substituting the same instruments for a particular line for too long. Wind quintets can be a particularly intractable medium for players and listeners but the result here is a work better scored and more idiomatic than many works originally written for the combination. […] All three works are played with panache and sensitivity. This is a disc that can be commended to any enthusiast for the composer’s music who is not allergic in principle to transcriptions as well as to devotees of fine wind playing.” (John Sheppard, 7.1.13)

  • - Dvorak CD

  • “I was thrilled to find a combination of highly skilled arrangements together with absolutely top-class - world-class, I will happily say - playing from all five members of this stunning group. They make a point of writing their own music and making their own arrangements, and the two group members represented here have each done a superb job.”