Due to the copyright restrictions in Germany and Switzerland these are only a few reviews which we are explicitly allowed to use. Unfortunately, for this reason a large number of press reviews may not be used at the moment.

  • - Sommets musicaux Gstaad - with Elisabeth Leonskaja

  • “There are some concerts where everything comes together, where the music is perfectly suited to the performers. […] Last night’s concert at Saanen Church, in which Elisabeth Leonskaja joined Wojciech Rajski and his Polish Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra to play Beethoven’s Piano Concerto no. 4, was just such an occasion. […] The individual instrument playing was luminous, the balance impeccable and the degree of togetherness palpable; the result was a delicate Mozartian sound that refreshed the senses. […] The playing excited from the very beginning, where the heavily accented chords on strings were so together as to have terrific impact and the woodwind skirls that accompany them came through clear and bright. […] Playing of this clarity was a delight […]. The result was an interplay that always felt completely natural, and high levels of emotion coming from both soloist and orchestra – a truly Romantic concerto.” (David Karlin, 8.2.13)

  • - CD Review of Tacet’s Beethoven Symphonies 5 & 6

  • “The chamber orchestra is close to the size of orchestras which Beethoven would have used, so the balance between winds and strings affords much greater internal clarity than with full-scale modern symphony orchestras. The Polish Chamber Orchestra also apply some HIP features, such as reduced vibrato and crisp articulation in the strings, hard sticks for the timpani, and in the trio of the scherzo of the Pastoral, the horns play there famous passage as though they were valveless, giving a fine, resonant quacking sound. […] The depth of tone generated by the players leaves nothing to be desired in a comparison with large symphony orchestras. […] Rajski and his band are superbly rhythmic in their playing and never merely metrical. This fifth is as exiting and challenging as any I have heard, the famous VPO/Kleiber notwithstanding.”

  • Audiophile Audition - CD Review of Tacet’s Beethoven Symphonies 5 & 6

  • “Fortunately there is nothing callow with Rajski’s version and his previous recordings of Beethoven symphonies have shown a clear logic behind these realisations. Artistically he takes the fast road with Beethoven in the Viennese style rather than the heavily ponderous Germanic style so prevalent with one of Berlin’s top orchestras and many other orchestras in the land. […] A highly recommended disc […].”