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  • European News Agency - Vienna Musikverein

  • “It’s not the instruments that count – much more important is to know what to do with them. This effectively sums up the Mendelssohn Chamber Orchestra from Leipzig, which produces a much more unique sound than many of those relying on historical instrumentation. An opportunity for listeners to convince themselves of the quality of this successful ensemble was provided at the Wiener Musikverein concert hall in Vienna. While there was still a slight sense of urgency in the first movement [of the Cello Concerto in C Major, played by Peter Bruns], he found the ideal proportions in the second and, in particular, the final movement and, despite the increased tempo, each note maintained its value and had space and time to resonate. It was exactly the same with the ‘Il Distratto’ symphony, where conductor Christoph-Mathias Mueller ensured an interpretation that would surely have met with Haydn’s unqualified approval in every respect. Even the quickest runs in prestissimo never degenerate into sloppy glissandos, the Minuet remains danceable and the Adagio is a wonderfully quiet antipole, without ever becoming boring. All this, combined with the optimally implemented ‘Vienna Classic’ sound, was deservedly met with thundering applause.”