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Claudio Cavina’s opera “L’Arianna” based on Claudio Monteverdi’s “Lamento di Arianna”

“L’Arianna” is, besides “Il Ballo delle Ingrate”, the second opera Claudio Monteverdi composed for the wedding of Francesco Gonzaga and Margherita of Savoia. Both works were performed on this occasion in Mantua at the Palazzo Ducale on 28 May 1608.

The libretto of “L’Arianna”, written by Ottavio Rinuccini, still exists but the music disappeared after 1640, the year of the last performance of “L’Arianna” at the Teatro San Moisè in Venice. The only part surviving was the famous Lamento, which Monteverdi composed in two versions, one for 5 voices and one for a solo voice.

Claudio Cavina, one of the internationally renowned experts of Monteverdi's music, leveraging his experiences from his extensive career as singer and conductor of La Venexiana, provides a composition based on Rinuccini’s libretto, Monteverdi’s style and the surviving “Lamento” which is not supposed to be an authentic reconstruction of the original but to give an idea of how this lost Monteverdian opera might have sounded.

© Claudio Cavina / Gabriele Palomba