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Cédric Pescia’s Score Library | A pianistic flip-book

Concept: Georg Nussbaumer

A professional pianist, though mostly performing by heart on stage, always possesses a large collection of scores, hundreds of booklets and loose papers in a never completed archive of pianistic literature. Famous masterpieces stand alongside quaint personal predilections. Some scores have been bought some day but never played, others remind the early piano lessons in the childhood.

It is the purpose of this programme to make the whole score library from A to Z - Cédric Pescia’s contains about 1.000 issues - sound in a kind of pianistic flip-book. The resulting piece is a colourful collage merging works from Albeniz, Bach, Bartok, Beethoven, Brahms etc. until the last one of the alphabet Wolf, Yun and Zimmermann. Some “rests” are added in the “coda”: Teaching material, opera scores, the pages shattered on and around the piano.

Georg Nussbaumer has elaborated exact rules for Cédric Pescia how to extract and reassemble the numerous paper shavings. Listen to a sounding, very personal score encyclopaedia which mixes well-known music with pianistic oddities in steady change of tempo, key and texture - a challenging but rewarding experience for our ears!


Part I The Art of the Fugue BWV 1080
Part II The Well-Tempered Clavier I BWV 846-869
Part III The Well-Tempered Clavier II BWV 870-893
Part IV Goldberg Variationes BWV 988