Lucerne Festival Orchestra Brass - Biografie

Lucerne Festival Orchestra Brass © Georg Anderhub / Lucerne Festival

Founded in 2003, Lucerne Festival Orchestra Brass focuses on the sensitive interaction between the musicians within the ensemble. Lucerne Festival Orchestra Brass does not only perform as a full orchestra but also in smaller chamber music groups of different, sometimes ununsual instrumentations. Due to this variety of instrumentation Lucerne Festival Orchestra Brass is able to present also little-known works which require a very special type of ensemble formation.

Trumpet player Reinhold Friedrich is the so called „spiritus rector“ of Lucerne Festival Orchestra Brass, joining every year the young and talented brass players of the Lucerne Festival Orchestra in this top-class chamber music ensemble to perform music from the Renaissance to the present.

The fancy concert programmes of Lucerne Festival Orchestra Brass are based on the changing thematic focus of Lucerne Festival. In the summer of 2008, for example, they performed works for brass band and percussion, conceived by their composers as “Musical Spaces”, including Canzonas by Giovanni Gabrieli, but also contemporary music by Sofia Gubaidulina, Alfred Schnittke and Edison Denissow. In 2009 the subject of the festival was “Nature”; the ensembles focussed on 20th-century-compositions within this context. In 2010 Lucerne Festival Orchestra Brass presented Romeo and Juliet’s love story set to music by Sergei Prokofiev and Peter Tchaikovsky as the festival’s topic has been “Eros”. 2011 then was the year of the “Night” and Lucerne Festival Orchestra Brass explored the nocturnal sound cosmos of Modest Mussorgsky’s Danse macabre and Witches Brew. The 2014 edition of the festival concentrates on the “psyche” and Lucerne Festival Orchestra Brass presents a programme ranging from Gesualdo and Lully (suite from his opera “Psyche”) to Janacek and Kodály.

In order to amplify their repertoire and respond to special dramaturgical ideas, Lucerne Festival Orchestra Brass frequently commissions new musical arrangements - so (almost) nothing is impossible!

The fist CD of Lucerne Festival Orchestra Brass including among others Mussorgsky’s “Pictures of an Exhibition” has been released in 2013 by Accentus.