Busch Trio - Reviews

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  • www.musicweb-international.com - CD Dvorak

  • "The Busch Trio communicate a wonderful appreciation of the breadth and diversity of Dvořák’s emotional palette, balancing lightness with darkness, gravity with mischief. They are alert to the rhythmic intensity of the musical language, to the elegiac wistfulness of the vein of melodic nostalgia, and to the restlessness of the composer’s formal structures. The way the Trio bring the unsettling sectional contrasts into a convincing whole is impressive. [...] The textures are extraordinarily translucent and the colours sparkling and variegated. [...] This is a truly engaging performance. Worth hearing!" (Claire Seymoure, 9/11)

  • The Financial Times - CD Dvorak

  • "It is hard to go wrong with Dvorák’s “Dumky” Piano Trio. The melodies sing to the heart, the rhythms tap into some deep, inner pulse. The youthful Busch Trio catch its joyful spirit and warmth of emotion with natural ease, bringing each “dumka” (a “thought” in Ukrainian) vividly to life. [...] A fine start which should win the Busch Trio friends."

  • The Times - Wigmore Hall London

  • “The Busch Ensemble is a piano trio bursting with far more than promise. [...] All players are within their twenties [...] but the group already plays as though musically joined at the hip - something to be expected with Epstein and his older brother Omri, the group’ marvellously sensitive pianist. Even during the modest curtain raiser, Schubert’s Sonatensatz of 1812, I quickly lost count of his nimble and subtle variations in touch, though the range only grew wider with the extra firepower summoned for Tchaikovsky’s epic Piano Trio or Beethoven’s D major trio, the ‘Ghost’. [...] Beyond the playsers’ individual gifts, what impressed most was the group’s effortless musicianship and unity of thoughtand attack. The threesome even seemed to be breahting in synch.” (Geoff Brwon)

  • www.classicalsource.com - Wigmore Hall London

  • “Beethoven’s E flat Piano Trio received a virtually perfect performance, buoyant and witty by turns in the three faster movements, where Omri Epstein’s technical address, pearly touch and natural timing were ideal. The work allows the strings to flower only in the Adagio cantabile, and here Mathieu van Bellen and Jonathan Bloxham could unfurl their individual beauties of tone.”